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Matt and Jordan, 18 x 14" Oil on Canvas

A special congratulations to Matt Singer and Jordan Frank who became engaged this weekend, March 24th, 2012.

Matt had commissioned a painting by me of him down on one knee, and brought Jordan to the gallery to make the surprise proposal.

Congratulations to you both and your families :)


Summer Pfaff, 9 x 6" Watercolor on Paper (Private Collection)

This painting commemorates my first commissioned wedding dress painting also featuring the bride. I was nervous about not only reflecting the dress accurately, but the bride as well. Based on the request of the mother-of-the-bride who commissioned the piece, she requested that the back of the dress be the main feature. I agreed to paint the bride as well so that the piece would make visual sense. I think I prefer only painting the dress itself, but based on the satisfaction of this piece, I think I could be encouraged to paint brides more often :)


American Roll, Magazine Strips on Cold-Press Paper (24.25 x 17" Famed and Matted- Private Collection)

Inspired by the artwork of Lee Gainer.

This piece was made from strips of cut up magazines that were hot-glued to paper to create an American flag. I loved making this piece. It was originally suppose to only be about 5 inches wide, but gradually started growing and growing until I found myself rooting thorough our recycling bin to fin more magazines that had bright, fire engine red pages. The cuts and burns were totally worth it in the end. As an early Christmas present for my mom, this project almost made her cry when she unwrapped it.

Marcony Beach, Oil on Canvas (Two 24 x 13" panels, with one 19 x 24" panel- Private Collection)

So this monstrosity, for lack of a better word, began as a request from my mom last Christmas. She wanted a photo she had taken at the Marcony Beach on Cape Cod to be painted on three separate panels. Now, a little secret I've never verbally admitted to anyone: I HATE DOING LANDSCAPES. (My friend, Jennifer Singer, can attest to this when she wanted me to do a painting of boats she had from Barcelona... and she would encourage me to continue this painting by randomly blurting out in conversations, "Boats, boats, boats...."). Landscapes, seascapes, ocean-scapes, any type of "-scape" that consists of large blue or green areas just doesn't work for me. I need to see shapes in my subject, and in the photo I was provided with, there were no shapes. Just beige, blue, and more blue.

But it's my mom! I couldn't say, "no"! So what was suppose to be a Christmas present, stretched into a birthday present, then stretched in to a Mother's Day present... until finally I finished it on some random day in September.

I am not proud of this painting at all, but my mom is happy with it and I was able to hang it for her in her house this weekend,


Sarah Schmidt Pearce, 6 x 9" Watercolor on Paper (Private Collection)

Congratulations to my cousin, John Pearce, and his beautiful new wife, Sarah :)


Crooked Tower, As Seen from Campo San Maurizio, 9 x 5" 005 Micron Pen on Paper

After all these years, I still don't know the name of the church tower in Venice. But it was like the North Star to our student group, because we knew if we could see it, we were close to home. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!


In Loving Memory, 5 x 7" Watercolor Collage on Paper (Private Collection)

In loving memory of Rocky Daddio.

"... in his death, a part of you dies and goes with him. Wherever he goes, you also go. He will not be alone." -Krishnamurti

With all my love, for Anna and Mia.


Exhibition at Taste Restaurant, 1995 Whitney Avenue, North Haven, Connecticut

In early April, I was able to hang my first solo exhibition at Taste Restaurant, where I had been employed since graduating from college.

After months and months of fighting with my boss and restaurant owner (first he thought my dimensions were too big, then he refused to let me put new holes in the walls, etc., etc.), I was finally granted permission to install my work after I assured him I had calculated all the measurements, planned my layout, and explained I practically had a degree in spackling. I was given one hour alone on a Sunday to install nine dress paintings. With the help of my friend and former teacher, Caryn Azoff, I felt my work really looked exquisite and fit the walls of the restaurant perfectly.

My boss called me several hours later when he saw the work. When I saw his name flash on my phone, I thought: "Ut oh... here we go." I had prepared myself for the 203478852 things he was going to complain about. Instead, to my surprise, he called to say everything looked "very nice", and that I "obviously spent a lot of time on my work." But my boss cannot dole out a complement without a back handed comment, so he continued to say, "I'm glad our restaurant now looks ready for Prom." Ha! Fine, I'll take that.

The reception of clientele at the restaurant was overwhelmingly positive. My favorite times were when clients seated at my tables would notice the change of artwork and ask who the artist was. When I would off-handly say I did it, they would laugh and say, "No you didn't!" I would then smile and say, "Yes I did... my artist statement and photo is hanging up by the host stand." Then the disbelief would come over their faces. I would then proceed to tell them that I could make them a nice painting or a really great martini... or both! Their choice.

Probably my favorite part of the show was seeing the different reactions of men and women. Most women loved the fashion and loved the idea. When men spoke to me about the work, the first thing nearly every one of them stated was, "None of them have heads...".

The show has been highly successful and I am proud to say that five of the nine pieces have sold. My boss is unsure about when the pieces will come down, so I invite anyone and everyone to come to Taste Restaurant on 1995 Whitney Avenue in North Haven, across from Krauzer's and next to Dairy Queen, to see for themselves.


San Marco from Il Campanille, 005 Micron Pen on Paper 6 x 9"

The Original Photo is from my trip to Venice in December 2007 atop the brick Campanille Bell Tower overlooking the San Marco Basilica.


Hermes, Oil on Canvas 22 x 18"


Note: I made slight additions to the painting after taking these photos. Updated photos to follow.

Tap, Graphite on Paper 16 x 11" (Private Collection)

I apologize for sub-par picture quality. I found myself without a camera and was forced to take the final picture with a cell phone camera upon its delivery to its new owner. The center fabric is as dark as the fabric along the edges, but catches too much of the light that was hanging above it at the time.

For Lauren Calzolaio

Original Final Piece:

Complete Series: Jazz, Tap, Ballet


All That Glitters, Oil on Canvas 20 x 16"

I find this hard, and almost embarrassing, to admit: but this is the first painting I have managed to complete since graduating college. (Pause for a disappointed sigh.) This painting took me way longer to complete than I am willing to admit, and by no means is it up to the quality of my previous dress paintings.

This composition taught me just how difficult it is to paint sequins-- who knew! (Not to be confused with "sequence" haha). Shortly after I completed to dress portion of the painting, I showed what I had accomplished to my father, whose response was, "It looks like you dropped it... did you drop it?" I quickly looked at him and said, "No, Dad, that's sequins!"

I managed to take a trip into New York City this weekend and with the help of my faithful friend, Jennifer Singer, managed to walk down Madision Avenue after sunset to photograph designer windows. The dresses I saw and the photos I took were enough to make me jump up and down in the street and scream with delight... in short, I made a scene and probably embarrassed Jenn to no end. But I was excited! And I can honestly say that that has not happened in recent memory in regards to my art. So, for my faithful followers, stay tuned for paintings of Oscar de la Renta, Hermes, Donna Karen, my favorite Valentino, and many, many more. I think I have enough material to paint for a very long time. And I can guarantee sequins probably will not be included.


Monica Viscuso Jennette, Watercolor 9 x 6" (Private Collection)


Made from a Found Paper Bag, Herring Stitch with Water Color Paper:

An Altered, Found Book:

Bookmaking with Lino-cut Printmaking:

"A dress makes no sense unless it inspires man
to want to take it off you." -Francoise Sagan

An excerpt from my 250-page quote book, written over the course of 50 days (Click to View Enlargement):

Non-Traditional Book, wooden bowl with wood burning and original quote:

"I'll hold on to the bits and pieces of your
life when you don't need them, keep them safe
until you do."


So... This Is Real Life...

It's been almost 2 months since graduating and receiving my BFA... and I don't think I've ever missed my studio (or "cubicle" as Jennifer Singer always called it) at Boston University so much. Converting my brother's old bedroom at home into a temporary studio has not been as artistically stimulating as I would have liked, and the fact that application after application and interview after interview still has me still standing in the hypothetical "Unemployment Line"-- I need a job and I need to get out of here. When not job hunting, I have tried to busy myself with woodburning, working on a life-size painting of my mother's wedding dress, creating small watercolor paintings of wedding dresses to jump start my future side-business, and sketches for future paintings. I would like to thank everyone who follows my blog for their continued support. I will update my blog with more photos very soon :)


Courtesy of Boston University...

Thanks to a photography opportunity at the College of Fine Arts, when my three dress paintings were finally completed and varnished, i was able to photograph them side-by-side, the way they were intended to be seen.