All That Glitters, Oil on Canvas 20 x 16"

I find this hard, and almost embarrassing, to admit: but this is the first painting I have managed to complete since graduating college. (Pause for a disappointed sigh.) This painting took me way longer to complete than I am willing to admit, and by no means is it up to the quality of my previous dress paintings.

This composition taught me just how difficult it is to paint sequins-- who knew! (Not to be confused with "sequence" haha). Shortly after I completed to dress portion of the painting, I showed what I had accomplished to my father, whose response was, "It looks like you dropped it... did you drop it?" I quickly looked at him and said, "No, Dad, that's sequins!"

I managed to take a trip into New York City this weekend and with the help of my faithful friend, Jennifer Singer, managed to walk down Madision Avenue after sunset to photograph designer windows. The dresses I saw and the photos I took were enough to make me jump up and down in the street and scream with delight... in short, I made a scene and probably embarrassed Jenn to no end. But I was excited! And I can honestly say that that has not happened in recent memory in regards to my art. So, for my faithful followers, stay tuned for paintings of Oscar de la Renta, Hermes, Donna Karen, my favorite Valentino, and many, many more. I think I have enough material to paint for a very long time. And I can guarantee sequins probably will not be included.

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