Marcony Beach, Oil on Canvas (Two 24 x 13" panels, with one 19 x 24" panel- Private Collection)

So this monstrosity, for lack of a better word, began as a request from my mom last Christmas. She wanted a photo she had taken at the Marcony Beach on Cape Cod to be painted on three separate panels. Now, a little secret I've never verbally admitted to anyone: I HATE DOING LANDSCAPES. (My friend, Jennifer Singer, can attest to this when she wanted me to do a painting of boats she had from Barcelona... and she would encourage me to continue this painting by randomly blurting out in conversations, "Boats, boats, boats...."). Landscapes, seascapes, ocean-scapes, any type of "-scape" that consists of large blue or green areas just doesn't work for me. I need to see shapes in my subject, and in the photo I was provided with, there were no shapes. Just beige, blue, and more blue.

But it's my mom! I couldn't say, "no"! So what was suppose to be a Christmas present, stretched into a birthday present, then stretched in to a Mother's Day present... until finally I finished it on some random day in September.

I am not proud of this painting at all, but my mom is happy with it and I was able to hang it for her in her house this weekend,

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