So... This Is Real Life...

It's been almost 2 months since graduating and receiving my BFA... and I don't think I've ever missed my studio (or "cubicle" as Jennifer Singer always called it) at Boston University so much. Converting my brother's old bedroom at home into a temporary studio has not been as artistically stimulating as I would have liked, and the fact that application after application and interview after interview still has me still standing in the hypothetical "Unemployment Line"-- I need a job and I need to get out of here. When not job hunting, I have tried to busy myself with woodburning, working on a life-size painting of my mother's wedding dress, creating small watercolor paintings of wedding dresses to jump start my future side-business, and sketches for future paintings. I would like to thank everyone who follows my blog for their continued support. I will update my blog with more photos very soon :)

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