The Screaming of Silence, 15 x 20" Bleed Print, Hardground

Complete Edition of 10 (NFS- Private Collection)

This bleed print was completed for a class portfolio project in Printmaking II, Fall of Senior year. The theme (proudly suggested by myself) and subsequent title of the portfolio was "Noise", inspired by a quote from Carole Cadwalladr's novel, "The Family Tree". Struck by a print of a funeral service shown to me by my teacher, I decided to take that idea that a funeral is not silent at all, instead that it possesses it's own type of noise. How even in the somber silence of mourning, there are swirling emotions that scream of pain, want, and loss-- even if they are inaudible. I played with this by drawing only with undulating lines, like those of sound waves, to heighten the idea of vibrations and static that sometimes have no words.

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