Charles, 3.5 x 13.5" Hardground

Enlarged Views

Complete Edition of 8

I have always loved the view out of my bedroom window in my college apartment in Boston. Often, at the 5am sunrise or at 4pm when the sun is setting, I love to take my camera and take pictures of the changing colors of the sky and the changing colors of the season. This particular image comes from a panoramic photo I took when the trees across the Charles river were at the peak of their autumnal change. Often I like to use certain photos in my printmaking work that I do not feel will make a good painting. While this view has particular meaning for me, it does not show the stereotypical skyline view of Boston, and, in fact, really has no focal point-- the only recognizable part of the image is the very small view of Cambridge to the far left. This piece allowed me to practice my mark-making skills with hardground and, in the end, has become more significant than just a photo.

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