Military Objectives, 14 x 11" Oil on Canvas

This painting resulted from an assignment from a documentary watched in Contemporary Issues II. As an assignment, we were to anonymously pick names of a classmate out of a hat and based on what we knew of their work, create a list of 5 objectives they had to follow to complete a painting by the following week. The name I chose from the hat was a classmate whom I knew had very strong political and religious opinions, but I had always felt her work lacked a certain sense of herself. The objectives I created for her would force her to make her paintings and opinions more personal. Even though she followed the objectives, her resulting painting(s)were still not what I hoped they would be.

The following week we received the assignment to follow the objectives we ourselves had written and make the painting we had imagined would be produced.

Coming from a military family, I decided to make a painting that would show others that even though everyone is entitled to have an opinion on the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is completely different to give credence to that opinion unless you have family or friends who have fought on the front line. Using impasto (dried palette scrapings), I showed the stigma that military families carry around on their person at all times, a stigma that is shown for impact in the painting but largely unnoticed on real people.

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