San Marco, 50 x 29" Oil on Canvas (Sold)

Enlarged Views

Being my second dress painting of my Senior year, the Teaching Assistant of my Painting class was curious to hear why I was so drawn to the elaborate drapery and folds of gowns. After thinking, I finally told him that I believe every woman, at some point, stops in front of a window and secretly says to themselves that they wish they could wear what that mannequin wears, to look so beautiful and radiant that words fail. I decided it was my reaction to the dresses I have seen and my desire to be able to wear them that makes me paint them. In turn, I then hope that other women look at these dresses and feel the same urge, that also men look at these gowns and wish their wives or girlfriends could wear such a piece. I hope to paint that desire that everyday is stopped by a pane of glass, but here is stopped by the canvas. I figure if I cannot own a true Valentino gown, at least I can paint it and call it mine.

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