Venetian Textile Window, 50 x 29" oil on canvas (Sold)

Enlarged Views

This piece became my jumping off point for painting my senior year. Once the school year started, and after taking a long break from painting, I had a very hard time picking up a brush and painting something that both me and my professors would like. To break me from my lull, my Teaching Assistant one day simply told me, "Just pick an image and paint it. Don't even tel me what it is, just go home and do it." He didn't care what it would be. I had always loved painting dresses and decided to paint a photo I had taken while abroad in Venice of the textile store located along the famous Strata Nuova, where simple mannequins were draped with colorful fabrics made to look like dresses instead of the simple raw materials they were. When I took the photo, I was lucky to get a reflection of the street and also of passing tourists, reminiscent of photos from the 1920s and 30s.

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